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The Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly

Sep 2, 2020

Arkansas has a long history of producing great running backs. And Rakeem Boyd is no exception. His career average of 6.17 yards per carry would rank second in school history among running backs, behind only Felix Jones. And only three running backs in Arkansas history rushed for more yards through their first two seasons than Boyd: Dickey Morton, Alex Collins and Darren McFadden. The McFadden comparisons come naturally: Boyd wears his No. 5, and has made no secret of the fact that he wants to be like one of the all-time greats. So how did Boyd end up trying to chase down Arkansas’ rushing records? When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he and his family were evacuated and relocated to Houston. And it was only then when he started to play football. He would head to Texas A&M, but had to leave after a redshirt year because of poor grades. That led him to Independence Community College and Last Chance U. And after a starring turn at the JUCO, Boyd is making a name for himself at the top level of college football.